Reserving Your Slot

In order to reserve time on the calendar for calligraphy services, submit a request to to check availability. A deposit in the amount of 25% of total calligraphy order must be submitted in order to reserve time on the calligraphy calendar. The deposit is only required when reserving time in advance.

Submitting Your List

Please submit your guest list exactly as you would like it to be written. Would you like "Mr. and Mrs." or "Mr. &/+ Mrs."? Streets and states abbreviated or spelled out? Take this things into consideration before submitting your list. The names and addresses will be written exactly how they appear on the list, so please thoroughly review your list prior to submitting it.  If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests, please feel free to ask! Lists should be written in MS Word  or Excel format with one or two columns only and numbered. Inner envelope names should be listed in a second column to the right of the address. A sample of how names and addresses should be listed is below:

Formal Addresses:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bryant                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bryant

125 Main Street

Apartment Four

Atlanta, Georgia 30002


Informal Addresses:

Charles and Sonia Bryant                               Charles and Sonia

125 Main Street, Apt. 4

Atlanta, Georgia 30002


Incorrect Addressing:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Sonia Bryant        Charles and Sonia Bryant

125 Main Street, Apt. 4

Atlanta, Georgia 30002


Once your order form and list are received you will receive an invoice which you may pay via PayPal. If you prefer I also accept personal checks and cash. Your order must be paid in full prior to the start of writing.


If you are not local to Honeybee Paper Co. and envelopes cannot be delivered in person, you are responsible for shipping to and from Honeybee Paper Co. You may ship your envelopes using any method you choose. Return shipping will be $12.95 through USPS.


Mistakes are inevitable with anything hand-written. So please provide 15% extra envelopes for your order. Not all envelopes are created equal! Some paper will not take well to calligraphy. So please inquire if you are unsure, and you may always provide a sample envelope for testing. Any unused envelopes will be returned to you when your order is complete.

Additional Lines

The price for outer envelopes includes up to four lines and the price for inner includes up to two lines. Any additional lines will be charged an additional $0.75. Honeybee Paper Co. reserves the right to add additional lines if deemed necessary (A.K.A. would look terrible if I tried to squeeze into a line!).


Please review your order within 72 hours of receiving it. I will be happy to make any corrections necessary. Any errors that were the fault of my own will be corrected at no additional charge. Any other corrections will be billed to you.

Turnaround Times

The turnaround time for a calligraphy order is 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of your order. Please allow sufficient time for your order to be completed, shipped (if applicable), and for any possible corrections. Rush orders are subject to $75 rush fee.